Live in the Twin Cities Metro area? Have a mulberry tree? Ask us to adopt it!

Do you have a mulberry tree (or trees) growing in your yard? Green Noise may be interested in adopting it for supporting our 2017 batch of silkworms. Benefits of having Green Noise LLC adopt your mulberry tree(s) include: Free pruning(s) of mulberry trees during May through September Increase the aesthetic value of your mulberry tree(s) […]

minnesota silkworm project

Project asks food creatives to put new “spin” on a local dish

Attention food creatives! The Minnesota Silkworm Project is nearing the end of the 2018 growing season. The silkworms we’ve been rearing this summer are beginning to spin cocoons and enter into the pupal stage of their life cycle. Food creatives, chefs, gastronomic experimentalists — whatever you call yourselves — who are interested in cooking with […]