Info for Garden Stores Wanting to Sell “Dark Matter”

For Spring 2012 Green Noise is offering 10-pound bags of worm compost in 12 x 20″ burlap bags tied with jute twine for $12.00/bag.

Green Noise LLC is now accepting reservations for Spring 2013. If you know the amount of Dark Matter desired (in # of 10-pound bags), send us an email and we will add you to the list.

Delivery of bags

Bags are delivered weekly, usually on Friday or Saturday during business hours, but mid-week orders can also be arranged upon request. Orders for bags of worm compost made by e-mail by Thursday by 7pm will be delivered during business hours on Friday or Saturday morning by 12pm noon.

We ask that orders include a minimum of six (6) bags, and that the bags of moist worm compost are stored in a location within or outside a store where they will not be in the direct sun or exposed to rain.

Sample bags are available upon request.

Contact information (email is recommended for a prompt reply)
Neil Cunningham
Green Noise LLC
Dark Matter worm compost

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