Insect Pest Management Part 2 & Islands in Space

IPM-Pest-Walk-Thru-Tool_2014_April26The second Insect Pest Management class for Permaculture Research Institute (PRI) follows the information that was provided during the first class. Participants take the 4T framework (Target, Tool, Timing, and Technique) and research ways to deal with insect pests on specific crops. This approach aims to provide growers–particularly urban growers who may be skeptical about adding inputs to their growing systems–with the information needed to make sound and evidence-based decisions about how they want to approach plant-feeding insects.

Islands in Space is a two-part presentation with a simple message–flowers are food! That is, the nectar and pollen that plants produce in their flowers is food. Therefore, plant more flowering perennials! And plant a diversity of them. And plant those that flower at different times throughout the season. And be aware that the certain flowering perennial plants will attract certain types of insects that may be critical for attracting not only pollinators, but also certain types of predator insects, such as ladybeetles, lacewings, hoverflies, and parasitic wasps. The second part of Islands in Space describes the life cycles of solitary insect pollinators.


Islands in Space_April19


Local Climate Data (from Fort Snelling station) 


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