Part 2: Insect Pest Management and Garden Design

This class summarized the “4T” (Target, Timing, Tools, Technique) approach to pest management covered on Sat. Feb 11 and discussed how that different elements of habitat and plants help sustain beneficial insects that keep garden pests in check. Alternatives to synthetic chemical pesticides and differences in their mode of action were also discussed.

Three examples of growing areas were studied to help make specific product decisions related to specific pest concerns and sustaining beneficial insects.

By the end of class everyone should have a plan on how to apply pest management concepts for at least one plant/pest combo and work these cominto their garden designs.

The following Excel worksheet has been converted into three separate PDFs. These PDFs provide the critical information that can be used to “walk” through the life development of certain garden pests. Read from left to right, the cells in this sheet show what tools and methods can (or should be) used to reduce insects during moments during the growing season when they are vulnerable.


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