Part 1: Intro to Integrated Pest Management

The following materials have been developed for the insect pest management classes held on Saturday February 11, 2012 and February 18, 2012. The first class featured excellent discussions that described the “4T” approach to understanding integrated pest management (Target, Timing, Tool, Technique).

The second class (Feb 18) provides more detail about the Technique aspect of the 4T approach to IPM. This class asks participants to follow the decision-making process to prepare for and respond to plant-feeding insects in the garden.

Individuals working with garden designs will share their designs to show how plant spacing, plant placement, plant variety, plant diversity, choice of pest management products, timing of treatments,  and refugia play in their design.

ColoradoPotatoBeetle_LifeCycle_Timeline_FEB10 (Timeline)

CabbageButterfly_LifeCycle_Timeline_FEB10 (Timeline)

SquashVineBorer_LifeCycle_Timeline_FEB10 (Timeline)

JapaneseBeetle_LifeCycle_Timeline_FEB10 (Timeline)

IPM_introduction_outline_FEB11_2012 (Handout)

Insect Pest_Seasonal_Planning_Sheet_Green Noise_Feb11Insects, (Sheet)

Insect Management, and Ecological Implications_Feb 11 (Presentation PDF)

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