Live in the Twin Cities Metro area? Have a mulberry tree? Ask us to adopt it!

Leaves of the mulberry tree

Do you have a mulberry tree (or trees) growing in your yard? Green Noise may be interested in adopting it for supporting our 2017 batch of silkworms.

Benefits of having Green Noise LLC adopt your mulberry tree(s) include:

  • Free pruning(s) of mulberry trees during May through September
  • Increase the aesthetic value of your mulberry tree(s)
  • Free removal of unwanted mulberry trees that are growing through fences or near a house foundation
  • Greater awareness of a berry-producing tree that supports pollinators

Mulberry trees sometimes have deeply indented shaped leaves that some people describe as looking something similar to the holes in a violin.

Contact Green Noise and ask us to stop by for a free inspection.



By Doctor Benson

I am the inventor and interplanetary expert practitioner of Floating Head Mode (FhM).

Those who enter FhM can allow the edges of mind to tumble in multiple simultaneous directions on the cosmic conveyor belt like fruits that have no form or substance.

In recent sessions, my spectral form has explored the intimacies of the decomposition of organic matter, soil nutrient cycling, and the lives of sundry soil-dwelling organisms.

Other FhM sessions have involved developing paraformic relationships with insects and the plants that they live with. It has been a pleasure to use FhM as a way to nudge appreciation and understanding of these organisms among the human community whose ignorance of them is widely accepted.

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