Basic Items You Need to Start Composting with Worms

1. Bin (four bins are preferred, plus a fifth bin for collecting worm compost)
Type: Wood or plastic
Dimensions: 12″ wide x 16.5″ height x 9″ deep (approximately 1.2 cubic feet)
Holes: Not necessary
Drainage: Not necessary
Lid: Yes, preferably with a small 1-2″ mesh opening that allows some airflow, but no insects to get in

2. Bedding
Purpose: For worm habitat, structure, moisture retention, microbe habitat
Type: Shredded coconut husk (coir), Coco shell coir, Shredded paper, Cardboard, Wood chips, Fallen leaves, Composted manure

3. Watering Can
Purpose: For adding lots of water

4. Spray mister bottle
Purpose: For adding a small amount of water

5. Worms
Purpose: For feeding on food and paper waste
Type: Eisenia fetida or “redworms”

6. Household food waste
Purpose: To convert into fluffy, moist, dark organic matter that can be added to garden soil
Type: Grains, Fruits, Fruit peels, Cooked root vegetables, Shredded paper, Unbleached paper towels, etc.
DO NOT FEED THEM: Anything oily, salty, vinegary, citrus, or that contains meat

LINK to Recommended Items for Composting with Worms

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