Worm compost “Dark Matter” (available in Spring 2012 & 2013))

“Dark Matter” worm compost is a dark, crumbly, moist material that has the look and feel of mineral topsoil.

But it is organic matter made from plants: vegetable-based household food waste, grain-based worm food, and various bedding materials.

It holds moisture and nutrients, adds structure to silty and sandy soils, and because it is composed of plant material, it supports soil organisms both visible and unseen.

Dark matter can be mixed with mineral-based soil or sterile potting mixes to add structure that gives growing media the characteristics listed above.

Dark Matter is available in 10-pound bags or .9 cubic foot bins. Contact Green Noise for more information.

Please note: Like microbrews, Dark Matter is prepared in batches, so if you need large quantities (20 or more cubic feet), contact Green Noise at least 1 to 2 months in advance so that we can prepare the amount of worm compost in the quantities you need.

Contact information
Neil Cunningham

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