Recommended Items for Composting with Worms

1. Starter soil and/or bedding from another bin
Purpose: To establish the microorganisms that should be present in a worm composting system

2. Calcium carbonate
Purpose: To adjust pH of acidic items and maintain overall pH balance in worm bin between 6.5 and 7.5

3. Very fine sand
Purpose: Some say fine sand helps worms digest food particles. Others say that fine sand helps condition the compost.

4. Alfalfa-based rabbit food
Purpose: For “jumpstarting” microbial development in new worm bins and providing an initial non-manure-based food source for worms

5. Rabbit droppings, composted
Purpose: Same as alfalfa-based rabbit food (above)

6. Additional storage bins
Purpose: To provide room for expanding worm bins and also to provide holding space for surplus worm compost.

LINK to Guidelines for Worm Bin Management

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