Integrated Pest Management

The presentations on Integrated Pest Management (IPM) are geared for small plot growers who typically want to prevent or reduce pest problems using as few inputs as possible and while causing as little interference with other organisms as possible. The information in these presentations aims to satisfy the requirement that most small plot growers have – to leave a light ecological footprint while also making sure that the tools and techniques used are effective in protecting crops and yields.

These presentations may be geared to the needs of a broad spectrum of audiences. Neil Cunningham is the producer and presenter of these talks, and has spoken about IPM to dozens of audiences and events including community garden groups, master gardener groups, environmental fairs, urban gardening events, and the Permaculture Research Institute Cold Climate.

Currently, these presentations and individual consultations are available upon request to the public and can be geared to specific insects or pest complexes. Contact Green Noise for more information.

Neil Cunningham

Owner, Green Noise, LLC 

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