Bio-information for Neil Cunningham

Neil Cunningham walks in at least two worlds.

In one world, he is focused on the dark side of public communications. He is a leading propaganda specialist for the State of Minnesota’s Minnesota Management & Budget.

He also works part-time as a consultant for the U.S. Naval War College’s Writing Center.

He also teaches hybrid classroom/online Composition classes part-for the University of Phoenix.

He also co-founder of Mass Global Mega Corp, a national creator of pro-state and pro-law propaganda and unverified conspiracy theories.

He is also a high school career counselor and post-graduation life coach.


His research interests include youth writing, crisis communications, meeting design, native solitary pollinators, compost, and human nutrition.

Those who have worked with Neil appreciate his independent voice and informed insight he brings to issues. As a researcher and an observer, he strives to stay informed while distancing himself from the echo chambers of institutional groupthink and unsupported popular beliefs.

When he is not doing something, Neil plays Skyrim and atypical power chord garage rock with the Twin Cities premier party funtime band, The Goobz.

Neil received his M.S. in Technical Communication in 2009 and a B.A. in Writing in 1999 from Metropolitan State University. Neil Currently works for Minnesota Management & Budget and used to work for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources as a technical editor for the County Geologic Atlas program. The CGA program produces maps for Minnesota counties that show, among other things, the flow of groundwater and the sensitivity of aquifers to pollution. He and his family live in Minneapolis.

For contact information, click here.

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