Project Spin Your Dish


This project asked local Twin Cities-based chefs to wax creative with silkworms.

Yes, silkworms. Minnesota-grown silkworms. And double yes, silkworms grown for human consumption. While it may sound strange in the Midwestern U.S., many people in other parts of the world eat silkworms – and insects – as a part of the diet that ranges from street food to high-end delicacy.

For example, in Korea, where silkworm pupae are commonly sold as street food by vendors in the open air market. They are called beondegi, and they are considered a snack food.

This project studied silkworms as a nutritious, clean (i.e., low input, low energy) and locally grown protein source. But we need food artists to help us to learn how to prepare them in ways that would be appealing to midwesterners who typically do not think of insects as food.

The results of this study are not published.




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