The Decentralized Mulberry Orchard

As its name suggests, the Decentralized Mulberry Orchard is an orchard made up of many different plantings at various locations.

Green Noise LLC would like to partner with property owners/managers who are willing to do one or more of the following:

  • Allow Green Noise LLC to adopt and care for an existing mulberry tree or trees on the property.
  • Allow Green Noise LLC to plant and care for new young mulberry seedlings on the property.
  • Allow Green Noise to use small, preferably unused area for planting new young seedlings on the property until they are large enough to be moved.


No contracts involved with these agreements. The agreements are based on a memorandum of understanding; property owners/managers are free to release themselves at any time.

Please contact Green Noise LLC for more information.

Young mulberries grown from seed in terra cotta pots.




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